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Hunting question: non-native species w/o a season

Hi everybody. On some of our land in West Texas (outside of Midland), we have a small herd of antelope. Apparently, they are not native to this area, and there is not an antelope season in Midland County. Because of all the fences, they cannot get off the land, and no animals can come in to expand the herd. There is one male in the herd that is really, really big. A number of experienced hunters have said he is record-book size. They have been there for as long as anybody can remember I think, and have never really been hunted. So does anybody know what the law is on hunting animals in this sort of situation, where they are considered an exotic and have no season? I doubt I would ever take one, but would still like to know.


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Hunting question: non-native species w/o a season

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I would have to say legally you would be in a lot of trouble. May want to check with your game dept.

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Hunting question: non-native species w/o a season

Edit: after looking at a bunch of pictures of large antelope, I doubt he would be record-book stuff, but still very good. I wish I had a good camera.


That is what I was thinking. I need to call and see. I have heard everything from 'since it is not native, you can kill all you want' (though I didn't buy that one bit) to it is illegal under any circumstances.

As far as the antelope themselves go, they behave like curious deer out here. There has been a number of times that I have been working on fence only to look up and see the really big one 75 yards off staring at me, and have nearly hit a smaller one with my pickup. They don't quite look right out here in the mesquite brush.

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Hunting question: non-native species w/o a season

State hunting regs state:

Pronghorn Antelope By permit only October 1 - 9

Hope this helps

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