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Hunting question

Ok. I'm very new to hunting. And I need some advice. The place I live is very heavily forested. And the only open fields are either privately owned and they and there friends hunt it themselves or there's public buildings near them. So basically what I'm asking is where should i even begin hunting with no open food sources and stuff? Sorry if this is a dumb question. Lol.

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It sounds like you are back

It sounds like you are in a area where you need a hunting lease to be able to hunt. Without knowing your location all I can recommend is perhaps to find a route that the deer are taking from their bedding areas to the feedings areas that you can hunt.

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Next Year

May be too late for this year but I'd be talking to local farmers and asking to trade labor for hunting.

Go help with cutting and putting up hay, fixing fences, and just general helping out. You may just get a place to hunt that way. Also, when you get a deer go back, after you've processed the deer, and give the farmer a quarter of your meat as a way of saying Thank You.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you this but even if they say no be polite and thank them for their time. They may not let you hunt this year but after they see you hunting on a neighbor's place they might change their mind and let you hunt their place in the future.

Think of it like this, I don't know you from Adam and you're asking to come and play in my house. I don't let just anyone in my house. I either know you or you are there for a business transaction, like the plumber, dishwasher repairman, or gas meter reader. If you come knock on my door and you are an unknown to me, I don't care what your story is, you ain't coming in.

It may take some time to break the ice but if you keep at it eventually the ice will thaw some. If you see a farmer beside the road with a broke down tractor offer him, or her, a hand. You can casually mention that you were out looking for places to get permission to hunt. Evenings and lunchtime is going to be your best time to catch them at home.


Also, instead of focusing on hunting deer ask to shoot predators if your area has a predator problem. Do a good job doing that and you may likely get the OK to hunt deer in the future.



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if you must

If you must hunt the forest scout before you hunt and look for trails and bedding areas.  When you find a heavy trail or better yet an intersection of trails - that's where you can wait to ambush game when they come by.

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