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Hunting Problem Elephant @ Night

Hi all,

I just returned from my 6th trip to Zimbabwe and have been hunting just problem elephant during the past few years.  Here's a 4 minute vid showing the taking of a problem elephant in a sorghum field in the pitch dark.  A bit hairy but we got the job done.  The vid also shows the elephant being rendered by the villagers -- some very happy people.



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Whoa - that's got to be

Whoa - that's got to be rather spooky walking out into the field in total darkness to confront rogue elephants! I'm guessing that the Zimbabwe government allows a certain amount of these problem elephants to be taken if it can be shown that they are enough of a problem.

It looked like word of the elephant meat spread very quickly! I'm thinking that it might have been a wee bit dangerous to stick your hand into that mass of people around the animal; you just might pull back a hand with some fingers missing! Whistling

Thanks for the report, and the great video. Thumbs up


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Amazing hunting adventure.

Amazing hunting adventure. Quite a but different than hunting hogs at night with a spotlight I would bet. I didn't know you could hunt them at night or that they even conducted crop damage hunts at all.

The best thing about this video also is seeing how nothing was wasted and so many hungry people were fed from it. I often wondered what they did with all the meat on an elephant.

By the way I also enjoyed the sound track.

Congratulations on your successful adventure amd welcome to the forum.

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problem elephants


i frequently read stories about elephant hunting, and i'm jealous. i need to choose a different career path so that i can affored to do this regularly.

over the next few years, i'm going to try to acquire a good double rifle and learn to shoot it fairly well. so once i'm 50 or 60, i should be able to go on a hunt like that.

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