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Hunting Pressured Whitetails (featured article)
sawman wrote:
The guy got lucky and stumbled accross a buck bedded down no rocket science here.

Believe it or not I have seen this happen.. A couple years ago they finished taking up the railway in our province. We were driving on it in the old trcuk and decided to stop and get out for a stretch and look around at the area. Well my hunting partner got out and headed off the trail and into the woods to look , and when he broke through the woods there was an eight point buck laying there resting . It never moved it figured it must have been invisible. He shot it right there never got up How lucky can you get.

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Hunting Pressured Whitetails (featured article)
redrider wrote:
if you want a true challenge go after his Granddaddy, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Actually - if you want an even bigger challenge go after his Grandmammy, - smartest deer in the bush = a big old doe. She's watched you chase her big antlered brothers and sons for years; and the few times she's screwed up or been suprised chances are she was allowed to live another day because she didn't have a rack.

If you really want to match wits with a crafty critter, find the doe Grandmammy and try and get her.

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Hunting Pressured Whitetails (featured article)

You got me there Yes Those old does are on alert ALL the time!

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