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Hunting with pistols

Ok so I am a cancer survivor and have a port in my chest which won't allow me to shoot a rifle or shotgun for a while but I can shoot with a pistol. What are the regulations for this in North Carolina, Macon County?

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Hunting with pistols


 During the open hunting season for rabbits, squirrels, opossums,
raccoons, furbearing animals and legal nongame animals and
birds, these species may be taken with a pistol of .22-caliber
with a barrel not less than 5.5 inches in length.
 A hunter or trapper lawfully taking wildlife by another method
may use a pistol to dispatch the animal or bird taken, except as
noted below.
 Pistols may not be carried during the bow-and-arrow and
muzzleloader deer hunting seasons.
 Deer, bear and wild boar may be taken with a handgun during the
established gun hunting season provided that the handgun is not
less than .24-caliber.Muzzleloading pistols are not legal for hunting.
 It is unlawful to hunt or take wild turkeys with pistols.

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