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Hunting partners

Ok. Everyone. I'm looking for a few good hunting partners for the archery elk season this year. I'll start scouting end of July and start of August. I am willing to take a few rookies. A few things to consider before anyone signs up with me. I don't mix drinking/smoking with hunting and you have to be willing to hike/backpack in. I'll be hunting weekends(generally leave Thurs. return Saturday night) with one full week off in the end of September. I do have someone going with me for that full week but I would like to have a party of 3 to 4 people. I'm looking to hunt the Silverthorn area. The units may change depending on my scouting trips and any info collected from the group. About me: this is my first year hunting Colorado just moved from Idaho where I've hunted my entire life. Don't be shy, send me a PM or respond to this thread if your interested or have any questions. I'm not much on meat hunting at this point, I will be trophy hunting. Next year will be more for meat when the freezer empties.

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