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Hunting Partner SW CO (Archery)

Hi All,

I've been looming around for a bit and finally wanted to introduce myself to everyone. Live near Durango and am a die hard archery guy (will Rifle 3rd season if I don't harvest in Archery). Depending on the year and season, I'll hunt public land in Archuleta, La Plata, & Dolores counties.

Anyhow, I've got plenty of pals to go out with in Rifle seasons but no one during Archery. Typically it's just me and my horse in deep somewhere for the first week and close to home for the rest of the month.

If anyone else has the same dilema and could use a hunting partner during Archery season, reply or shoot me a PM. 

Good luck to everyone this year.

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I just wanted to welcome you to BGH and wish you luck on your hunt. Also if you have time post up one of your hunting stories or share some pics of your hunts.


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Thanks for the wlecome and

Thanks for the wlecome and I'll get a story or 2 up. I have been doing a lot scouting with trail cams lately out in my usual stomping grounds. Here are a few pics from last week. Nothing to crazy, just glad to see the elk around.

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Heading down from MN

Hey Lizard,


Myself and 2 others will be heading down to SW CO during SEPT with some OTC archery licenses. Was wondering if you would have some tips for down in that area? It will be our first time Elk hunting and first time hunting in CO.



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Which Unit?


Have you started narrowing down a unit yet? Let me know and hopefully i can point you in the right direction.

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