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Hunting Partner Alberta/BC/US

Just throught id join this forum and throw this out there to see if there are any guys looking at doing some great DIY hunts in these areas. I know hunt swapping is illegal in some areas but not looking for that. Looking for some seasoned hunters to get to know and enjoy some quality hunts with. I have lots of guys that I hunt with but none want to travel and non are really dedicated. Im 40 in decent shape and hunt with bow or rifle and have vast mountain experience, horse knowledge and back packing experience. I have tons of gear and have guided for many many years. Sounds a bit like an on line dating add but good hunting partners are harder to find than a good woman. Im game for hunting up here as well as traveling to hunt in the rest of canada and US. Dont have big dollars to do fancy hunts or use outfitters but I enjoy the DIY and planning it takes. Any way anyone ever thought of big Alberta whitetails or finding a dedicated hunting friend pop me a note. Cheers.