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Hunting Oregon (1st Time)

Plan on puting in for a DIY elk or deer hunt this year and oregon. I just need a little help. I'm not looking for specific areas, but would really like to know some general areas northeastern/central/etc. that tpyically produces nice animal. Any help would be great. This would be my first time hunting in orgeon, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Hunting Oregon (1st Time)

northeastern oregon has great deer/elk numbers, and on the west side towards the coast range. eastside is controlled hunts meaning its a lottery draw, westside is otc for the most part. Are you a resident?

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Hunting Oregon (1st Time)

I've been hunting here for 38 yrs...other than a couple of nice blacktail I've harvested off my own property, I'm still looking too.

Most people I know that hunt Alaska, Montana, Wyoming or Colorado say they'll never hunt Oregon again...not to disuade you but huntin' here is NOT easy to score well & /or often

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Hunting Oregon (1st Time)

over in the ochoco unit in central oregon you can find good mule deer if you know the area.

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