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Hunting Memories

Please take the time during the off season, when not fishing, to tell us some of your favorite hunting memories. Its always nice to take a stroll down memory lane, and share it with others.

I will share some of mine as well. My memories stretch back to the early and mid-90's when I was a young teenager. Anyone who grew in in North East Indiana where I did, knew what deer season meant. In the area I grew up in, it meant getting up at 3 AM and going to the local diner (which was open 24 hrs) and gettin a bite for breakfast. It was funny because the place would be packed with hunters fixing to head to the woods. I remember very well doing this with my dad and uncle, almost every day we could, which when shotgun season came in, we were off that week for thanksgiving break at school. We would load up, and our neighbor had a farm about 10 miles south of town, way out in the country. Even though I never got anything the first few years, it was still fun, and those are memories that will last forever with me. I used a 20 ga single shot NEF, which I got when I was 12 and still have.

Another good memory was when the family got together for thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles house, us kids and some of our fathers would plan a deer hunt that friday morning behind their house, while the mothers and daughters went shopping on "black friday". there was 12 of us and one morning 7 members of the family got deer all within 5 minutes of each other when a herd of deer wondered into the woods.

I love to recollect on these, because as the years have gone by, the parents have gotten older, and us who were kids at the time have moved away and have had kids of our own, and can't wait to pass our memories on to them.
My uncle, who owned the woods we used to hunt in after thanksgiving, had a heart attack 3 years ago, and he can't do much now. I remember when I went up to visit last year, I took a walk back to his woods, with my muzzleloader in hand just in case, and it was sad, because the truck trails he used to have when he would go back and cut wood (They have a wood burning stove), were all grown up, and we had like 20 deer stands back there and i found 12 of them, or course all decayed from the elements of nature, but if them and those trees could talk, they could tell stories of the days gone past also. I am going up there again this august, and will once again, head to that woods to remember the days gone by.

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