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Hunting Licenses Costs Are...

I don't know if it has anything to do with anything, but if the number of hunters is declining, it stands to reason that the amount of revenue gained from license sales would decrease as well. So it follow that fees would increase to insure continued funding for wildlife management.

Not that I agree with the prices. I'd love to keep tags cheap. But I'll also recognize how much more expensive guns, ammo, trucks, and even stamps are nowadays compared to what they used to be. If you look over a 20 year period, I doubt that license fees have increased at the same pace as other items.

If we could just put Intel in charge of licensing -- limits would double every 18 months and cost per tag would be cut in half at the same rate.

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Hunting Licenses Costs Are...

I think you're right ex. also I think the government needs some money to study the animals and diseases like CWD, I hope they use our money to find out how to maybe manage heards such as Elk in Colorado or even whitetails in Nebraska to make the heards stronger and make it so we have more trophy's to have a crack at instead of having too many small bucks.
I would like to see a permit system that you would be able to take a management buck along with whatever tag you got as long as people understand what one is, I hate going to the check in station and seeing small young bucks checked in, people need to understand that that 2 pointer might have been a huge 4 pointer in a few years, instead they need to take a doe or a management buck, I think it would help the heard out big time where I come from!

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Hunting Licenses Costs Are...

Wow do i agree with you on that. It drives me nuts when people shoot spike bucks and forks when they could take a doe or a managment buck.

I hunted with a guy in Nebraska who hunted for his meet for the year and are area was over run with does but rather than take a doe for us he would shoot every lil buck he saw.

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Hunting Licenses Costs Are...


On 2002-03-23 00:03, ontarget wrote:
I'm with you on that. I have been applying for Oregon for the last two years. $67.00 per year untill you build up enough points to draw a tag. You are not refunded this money. You just receive 1 point each year. They say it takes about three years to pull a tag, sometimes four. When you do finally pull the tag it's $306 for the tag (elk) plus your lic. and apl. for that year.
I do not mind waiting but they could at least refund part of your monies. The $67 includes an aplication fee and hunting lic. fee. I have had A hunting lic. to hunt Oregon for the last two years which I have never used!

Yeah but their greedy here in oregon so thats to be expected. God knows they wouldnt want to bring some outside money into this state, just look at the job market.

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Hunting Licenses Costs Are...

I think your on to something ex. The number of hunters is decreasing so the game commission jacks up the price to recover some of the lost money. This will cause some hunters not to buy licenses or tags, causing less hunters. Now were back to the game commission jacking up prices to recover lost cash and the cycle continues.

Yeah, the rising prices are a pain, but the money goes to worthwile causes like the reintroduction of turkey, elk, Mexican Grey wolf, condors, native fish species, etc. The money is also used for maintaining forest roads (if you pay for the NF damage stamps in some states), putting up those little signs along the road so that you know were your going, buiding shooting ranges, and the outright buying of land for wildlife management purposes.

Let face it, we don't hunt for "free" or "cheap" meat. We probably spend more money per pound for our meat than those people eating at Luger's Chop House. By the time we buy ammo, camo, gadgets, scents, calls, guns, lost wages if no vacation time is available, food, and lodging we are probably paying upwards of 10 dollars a pound for our meat.

I personally don't care what it costs me to hunt. I LOVE to hunt and would sooner go without cable TV, a cell phone, Christmas, or internet access (Gasp!) if it meant that I could go on just one more huntig trip.

We pay a lot, yes. But I think we are getting a helluva deal considering what we get to do!

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