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Hunting Lease wanted Florida

My husband and I are about to lose our hunting lease in Union Co Florida (being totally cut except for one little part).


Anyway, we want just a small place to hunt for us.  I am a female disabled vet and we have been sleeping in a tent (since folks seem to ransack hunters trailers in the area we have been in) and in looking for a new place possibly closer to home will mean we don't have to tent hunt.  

We are in our 60's, retired law enforcement, care for the land and wildlife totally.  Don't drink or smoke and would not be a problem to anyone.

If it weren't near Ocala (Alachua or Marion Counties) then a place with electric for a trailer would be helpful.

We aren't rich by anymeans, and know many leases are expensive.  But if we could find a farm, or 200 acre place or something we would be so thrilld (as I am sure everyone else would be).

But, we thought we would ask just in case something came up.  Thanks for any consideration or leads. 


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good luck with finding a lease in central FL let alone a reasonbly priced one. You have to know someone or pay more tha its worth. Save your money and look for one up north near the FL GA line. lots better hunting up there anyways.


FL has really been going down hill the last 10 or so years. Hunting is almost not worth it in this state. We're moving to NC in a few weeks because of how bad FL has gotten.

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