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Hunting the King of the Forest (feature article)

October 2006 Feature Article:

Hunting the King of the Forest

Hunkered behind a large spruce tree, I watched in amazement as a massive bull displayed his dominance on a nearby ridge. Guttural grunts followed by aggressive raking captured the undivided attention of two cows standing a short distance away. It was early October, peak of the moose rut in Alberta. My lovesick moans held his attention but weren't enough to close the deal. So I stepped it up a notch. After emitting a series of low grunts, I grabbed a nearby log and raked the tree branches before me. Read more...

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Hunting the King of the Forest (feature article)

I love your article Hunting the King of the Forest. I am in New Brunswick,and we only have a 3 day season.We have 54,000 people apply for a tag with just under 3000 names drawn,so you can imagine how hard it is to get a tag. Our season is Thursday thru Saturday,the last week of September. I have not had a license for the past 18 years, but I learn something new each year.
You can have a lot of fun without a moose license. I spend every Saturday and Sunday morning beginning around September 10th,in my favorite moose locations,armed with my cone shaped moose call,my shed antler, and my video camera. I listened to a few moose hunters calling, and some on the internet, and videos,and then just started experimenting on my own,and taught myself how to call.
Every time out I learn something new.You talked about just sitting and listening to moose. I have sat on stand on a frosty morning and heard two cows moaning, and at least 4 Bulls answering. The hair on my neck was on end.
My point being, you dont need a tag to get out there and enjoy moose hunting.
Thanks for the Gr8 article

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Hunting the King of the Forest (feature article)

Very good article I enjoyed it and great pointers thanks.

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