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Hunting Joke

There where 3 guys, Danny, Joe, and Frankie.
Danny goes hunting, he kills a 6 point, he comes back and Frankie looks at him and says "wow man, how the heck did you kill that?" Frankie replies, "it was a piece of cake, I saw the track, I followed the track...I shot the deer."
Danny gets jealous, so he goes out, and he kills him a 8 point deer, Joe is STUNNED! Joe says "wow man, how did you get that? Danny says "simple, I saw the track, I followed the track, I shot the deer."
Joe goes out, and ends up missing around 3-4 days. Danny and Frankie get worried, they go out and look for him. No sign of poor Joe.....
Finally, a day or two later Joe comes in COVERED in blood, he has a broken leg, broken arm, and scratched and bleeding from head to toe.
They said "what the heck happened to you man?" Joe says "I saw the track, I followed the track, and I got a hit by a train."

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Hunting Joke

Laugh Laugh Laugh Thumbs up

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Hunting Joke

i dont care who you are thats funny rite tare.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Cool! cool ;)

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We go bear hunting

Another hunting one .... A cheap on though.....

Two Polish hunters were driving through the country to go bear hunting. They came upon a fork in the road where a sign read "BEAR LEFT" so they went home

lol lol Brick Wall,)

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Hunting Joke

Nice man! thats a nice one. LOL

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Hunting Joke

Make it stop...you guys are killing me.

P.S. The guys at deer camp loved 'em

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