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Hunting items

For Sale: Browning 10ga,30in barrel,(BLK)(2) Rhino chokes,orignal chokes, & boxes of ammo Federal Tungsten,Winchester S/S,Remington $800.00 shipped to your FFL. Duck Calls Paul Kingyon Coco Bolo,Frank Heidlebaur new nvr used, Johnnie Weiss metal reed call new nvr used $50-$275, Matix 12 ga #1 3in mag shot $15.00 per box 20 boxes,Seal skin gloves $15.00, Reflex Bow made in 2006 appox 3dz arrow complete outfit 60-70# draw $300.00,
Anshultz .22 woodchucker youth model $75.00, as I clean out my attic I have more e-me at [/b]

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