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hunting in Italy

Hello to the forum community! My name is Alessandro and I’m a passionate Italian hunter. I live in the Italian central region of Tuscany, in the countryside surrounding Florence, the city famous for it’s art and beauty and good living.
Hunting is my favourite sport. I usually hunt in the Chianti Hills surrounding the cities of Florence and Siena. In our outdoors you can hunt many Wild Boar, Muflones, Roe deer, Fallow deer, European Deer. These are our “Big Game”. In Tuscany you may also hunt Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge.
My wife Lisa (who is half American) and I live in an ancient country house, 10 minutes from Florence and we are both architects.
Recently one evening, after spending the day hunting wild boar with my friends, and while sipping a glass of good Chianti wine in front of the fireplace, my wife and I started talking about the fact that I have been hunting for a long time and acquired great experience. As I said I’m a very passionate hunter and I’ve gotten to know many secrets about hunting in the Tuscan outdoors. As a Tuscan Architect and good cook (and eater) I also know which are the right places to visit, the treasures that our beautiful country offers not to all but only to those who know what’s worth really seeing. Many times we have guided our friends and relatives from the States in visiting the secret treasures of Tuscany, both in art, food, wine drinking or shopping. They always have been grateful to us for letting them in to a world often unknown to the ordinary tourist.
As my wife and I talked in front of our fireplace the idea of extending our experience to American hunters took place. We would be able to offer a unique vacation both to hunters and eventually to their non hunting wives or companions. I would bring you hunting while my wife would be together with your wives or companions visiting Florence, Siena, Pienza and other suggestive places in our countryside, seeing real treasures in the marvellous land of the ancient Etruscans and shopping in factories and outlets for leather, clothes and other typical products.
We are now developing our idea. We will offer a week vacation for groups of maximum 10 people. The price of the vacation will be all inclusive with the exception of the flight from and back to the USA ( this way each of you can choose the best flight for himself). You will be lodged in beautiful typical restored old Tuscan farm houses located near our home, with swimming pool, and can hunt up to five days a week.
We can set up personalized vacations for each group.
If you are interested in this type of vacation please feel free to contact me by email so that I can give you further details and information.
Greetings from Florence.


e-mail italian.hunter@gmail.com

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Re: hunting in Italy


You sure have an interesting offer.... Thumbs up Many hunters that came to my country are from Italy. You guys have a passion for bird hunting... Had a group of 4 Italians this winter, which fired over 2000 cartridges/day. Ducks and geese. If you can send me more details about your offer I think I can share it with some hunters from USA and Germany. Let me know. Do you have a website?

Vlad Susanu