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hunting groups

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sara and I work for a TV company that makes films/shows for the BBC and US networks.

I'm researching information about hunting groups in Alaska.

If you are involved in a hunting group in Alaska, I would love to hear more about it! I am looking for people who get together after work and/or on the weekends and hunt. I would greatly appreciate speaking with someone who is quite passionate and knowledgeable about hunting in Alaska.

I'm currently at the research stage of this project so your help and insight would be greatly appreciated! You can email me at sara@firecrackerfilms.com

Many thanks,

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I have seen a few of these

I have seen a few of these posts on bgh now about tv companies looking for hunting groups or people to host shows. However some of these posts say you have to have your own hunting spots. What's the real deal with these? I would think if you are going to break into a hunting show it's cause you know a friend of a friend or have lots of dough to start up your own. Not on bgh has anyone herd from these people who wrote to them?

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We've been approached by

We've been approached by Discovery and The History Channel about homesteading in Alaska. Production companies do this a lot most times it is for a proposed show many of which don't pan out. They are pretty much a pain, but i they do go they are usually worth it. I know the guy who did some of the shows for The Alaska Experience he did pretty good.

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