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Hunting the great plains

I am from Washington state. WA is a great mule deer state. I hunt them in the Columbia basin on knee high sagebrush/ basalt rock deserts to the 9,000 foot cascades and everywhere in between.

I have been wanting to hunt them on the great plainsfor a while. I was thinking Kansas, Nebraska or SD. Anybody want to give me some leads? I'm looking for arias with good public access and a non-resident rifle season.

Would like info on hunting muleys in the desert SW too. I want to hunt in the South desert (yes... I know the N.AZ units are better)

I'll trade info on Washington for equaly good info from you.

Thanks for the help guys

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Kansas is tough

There's muleys in Kansas but very little public land to hunt them on.  And you have to draw a tag.  

Nebraska has a fair amount of public land.  There's muleys from about Central Nebraska and Sandhills west to the Pine Ridge, Southwest Reservoirs and Wildcat Hills.  And there's public land.  In the Southwest there are some very large reservoir properties, in the Scottsbluff area there are a few properties in the mid thousands of acres, and in the northwest there are the Ogalala Grasslands, Pine Ridge National Forest, Fort Robinson State Park, and some large state wildlife areas.  There's no draw, just first come first served tags at around $200.

South Dakota has a lot of public land between their grasslands and National Forests.  There is a draw in June.  It took me two years to draw the either sex either species Black Hills tag.  The West River tag is about as hard to draw.

North Dakota's draw is in June.  I haven't hunted it, but I know the public land is all on the west side of the state.

Texas has no draw, except for the good public land hunts and I can't remember if those are resident only or if they are open to nonresidents.  There are very few properties that are not part of the draw in northern and west Texas that have muleys.  Lake Meredith was one place I identified as a possibility, but when I was in college, all we saw were whitetails there.  Also looked at some National Grassland properties, but they only had antelope.  Some bruiser bucks come out of the Big Bend Country.

Oklahoma has a drawing for their panhandle and western State Wildlife Area mule deer hunts.

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I saw a lot of muleys when I

I saw a lot of muleys when I hunted for whitetail in the Texas panhandle last year. But around Childress where I hunted it was brush country and and not like the plains at all. Great country though and I will be going back this year for one more hunt.

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SD hunts

South Dakota has a lot of public land in the SW part of the state.  It is considered West River, but the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands holds a lot of nice muleys.  Go to http://gfp.sd.gov to find out the info and make sure to fill out an online license application form.  you can then click to get GFP emails about application available dates and deadlines.  Then after you apply, they will email you if you are successful  in the draw.  I can help with areas around the Black Hills and south to the Nebraska border, and west to the Wyoming border as these are the areas I hunt.  Hope this helps.

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nebraska muleys

I'm from nebraska and we've got lots of deer the areas that exbiologist named are a good bet. Don't give up on private land we have had trouble getting the corn out by deer season and a lot of bigger deer have been surviving and the farmers and ranchers are having trouble with crop damage from too many deer. they have just about ruined my dads fruit orchard. Black powder season is a better season than rifle for gaining axcess to private land. a nonresident tag is $205 and you get a whitetail anterless tag with it for free. so 2 deer for the price of one. our muleys may not be as big as you want though I killed the biggest one I've ever got last season he scored 153 before deductions  A 125 is a shooter. Back to axcess I'm from the central part of the state and people will still let you hunt if you knock on their door if you ask them thats rare anymore anywhere. we also have the muleys running the same ground as the whitetails so you never know what you will see . if you have any questions pm me and I'll see if I can help. 

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