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Hunting goals
Corvo wrote:
My goal is to successfully hunt the following during my lifetime. I plan on using both a bow and a firearm for each if possible.

Whitetail (I've only killed a small buck, so far)
Mule Deer

This goal I like, doesn't seem so much like work! Ya might add the Sitka deer and the Coues deer.

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Hunting goals

I'd also like to harvest as many of the recognized subspecies of deer as I can. Including northern whitetails(o.v. borealis), Dakota whitetails, northwest whitetails (o.v. ochrourus), desert mule deer, sitka blacktails, Columbian whitetails (endangered but you can still hunt them in Oregon!), Coues whitetails, Carmen Mountains (Sierra Del Carmen) whitetails, etc. California has a bunch of stuff that I would bet aren't truly different subspecies, but we don't need to get into taxonomy. They have, California mule deer, burro deer, Inyo mule deer, Rocky Mountain, desert, and Southern mule deer.
I was once on a Nature Conservancy property in West Texas when I missed a Sierra Del Carmen shed. Apparently I stepped right over it, then a friend it picked it up and wouldn't trade it for anything I could offer him at that time.

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