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Not sure what your hunt will

Not sure what your hunt will be, but I'll take a stab..  I've been a professional guide for several years.  Guided alot of high end guys that bring real expensive large stuff.  They hardly ever use it after the second day (too much weight).  Unless you are hunting extremely ruggid up hill country, I doubt you would have a need for putting your rifle on your pack.  I am guessing you will either travel by horseback or vehicle for a ways before walking.  I would imagine lots of glassing and sitting with short bursts of travel.  By short bursts I mean less then 5 mile walks at any one time.  If you are with an outfitter, he will do the packing and most grunt work; I would think anyway.  Since this is your first hunt and maybe your only hunt I would go cheap this time.  Understand though I have guided many first time hunters that said this is thier first and only elk hunt.  Some of them have been coming back to the outfitter every year for several years now.  this does get ahold of you and take over your life.  So, be ware of that.  If I were in your shoes I might even consider a bow vest (depending on condition of your hunt). 35 bucks and you can use it for years on other hunts.  It will carry all the major items needed.  What ever you get, just make sure it is not terribly noisy, and make it big enough for extra socks, gloves and a coat.  About the size of a school kids backpack is all you really need.  Check out the hunt, if you end up hunting more, the cheap pack can always be used for other things and you can  upgrade.  The only use I see for a pack like your outfitter described; would be for a sheep or goat hunt (extremely rugid).  Hope it helps.

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i hate to say it. Jansport! 14.99!

with that out of the way, whatver you've been using will work just fine. all the pack is for is your essentials. you could fill a 4500in pack with stuff you could possibly use... but a day pack, is just a day pack. it represents that you are not that far from your shelter and supplies.

you can find military surplus hydration packs for next to nothing online. i would choose one of these if my budget was tight. they will work well, and they will keep you efficient, just like the US government! Laugh

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