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Hunting Footage needed: quality whitetail hunts

I am needing footage for a DVD project I am working on to be released in September '07. I have a few qualifications below, and will be glad to answer questions you may have.

The hunts need to be in DV format or better (no VHS will be accepted). This is a first series of our project. It will be extremely professional, but we are on a limited budget. Therefore, I am looking to build a team that has the desire and abilities to produce quality hunts on a regular basis. The first project will be a royalty only compensation (meaning, as we sell product-- we will pay you a percentage of each sale on a monthly basis). On a rare occasion, we would be willing to pay a set amount for your footage if it is very good quality. Bottom line: looking for 'team-players' here...not people who want to make quick money.

Interested? please send me a pm here so we can discuss further. I only have 8 slots left for hunting footage on this first volume, so please do not delay.