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To answer your last question.

To answer your last question. No, I would never ever take another hunters animal. The hunt itself is everything to me, and if I didn't earn the kill. You couldn't give it to me. Let alone me take it.

If I found that animal suffering, and knew it was yours that you were coming for. I might finish off the animal to stop it's suffering, and leave it for you. I know that wouldn't be legal, but i'd take that chance to stop the animal from suffering.

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Intresting that a lot of

Intresting that a lot of guy's sayn it's legal but unethical. I have had it beat into my head by some hunter's that anything legal is ethical. Afraid I don't by that, unethical for me. Not hearing both sides I guess it is hard to call but,  it sounds like they knowingly went to an area they knew the bull was down and found it. I may have gone and looked and even finished it if dead but i'd have ofered to do that the night before. Pretty sleezy to me to sit as a visitor in siomeone's camp, hear about something like this and then sneak in the back door. But just a thought, what if the guy that found the wounded bull stumbled across it know knowing it was there and shot it? Now what is right?

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That's the question Don. If

That's the question Don. If they knew nothing about the elk, and found it. Claiming it is normal.

The fact that they said...here's your arrow. Shows they knew who shot it.

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I think that there is a lot

I think that there is a lot to this story that isn't being told and we are only hearing one part of it. For one we do not know where the arrow was found in the the elk. I have seen elk go a long ways and survive with a shoulder hit that the arrow was stuck in the shoulder or clavicle. I have also see a few that traveled quite a ways and would of survived by being hit in the rear quarters.

That is where I don't think that the first hunter should of given up the track the night before and quite possibly told the other hunters to be on the watch out for it.  That is where I say that once the first hunter left the track he gave up on it being "his" elk. 

There is a lot that we don't know.

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