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hunting elk in col.

my friends dad hunted elk in colarado in 2006.he stated it cost him about 1500 $ fo a 5 day hunt on his own with no guid.he got a nice 6 point bull!my qustion is just where can a person get a good area in col and see some bulls if he does his part.i know their are know easy answers to this ? but am looking at a geral area to go.
gary b.

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start here


Start here:


You don't have any preference points, I presume, so you will have to go over the counter(OTC). Look around the website and check it out. Pick a season. Pick the type of hunt you want and the type of terrain you're comfortable with. Then comes the real work. You need to do your homework and start looking at topo maps and the other resources that are out there. There are free topo map websites that you can use so you don't have to buy them. Check out the harvest statistics that the DOW puts out. They are available from the DOW website above. I would not take them as gospel because CO doesn't have mandatory reporting but they're a place to start. Then check out the NDIS maps available from the DOW link.

Good luck with you're scouting.

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hunting elk in col.

Find out where your friends dad hunted and let me know , he might of been in a good spot to return to.

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hunting elk in col.

public land is free to hunt on and tags are about 500. but you probably won't shoot a bigg one

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hunting elk in col.

You didn't say what your own hunting experience has been. Have you hunted elk before? They have entirely different habits than either whitetail or mule deer. If you haven't hunted them before, I'd suggest that you find someone you can trust to pack you into a good location for a drop camp hunt. Maybe someone on this forum can give you a personal recommendation on someone you can trust to do a good job and put you in a decent location for a reasonable fee. Last but not least, if you've never hunted in our Rocky Mountains, (and even if you have) I'd recommend that you get one of you hunting buddies to go with you.
I'ts really not very safe to hunt out here all alone. Too many little injuries like a sprained ankle, a pulled muscle, or a minor fall can turn into a major nightmare if you are miles from nowhere and alone. As for ease of hunting, I'd look heavily at the public lands in the Grand Mesa area in the central part of the state. Just be prepared for alot of work, and realize that most of the bulls killed there will be medium to small in horn size. Two to four year old bulls. (No matter what size of the horns, any elk you get will be a fantastic trophy!) As for which season, if I'm rifle hunting, I've always had better luck in the fourth season. The weather more often will work to your advantage, but the chances of completely getting snowed out are alot higher. If this is a once in a lifetime thing for you, I'd go for an ealier season and minimize the chance of getting completely busted by the weather. It's better to get in some hunting even if most of the elk are still high than it is to travel along way then not be able to hunt at all. If you go in an earlier season, you still have a good chance for a bull if you've done your homework. Your just going to have to hunt at a higher elevation and further off the road during the early seasons.

If you really want a thrill, go for a muzzloading elk hunt in South Central Wyoming. They're bugling during that season and it will really pump up the adrenaline.

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hunting elk in col.

if it cost him 1500 it was more than likely a drop camp i guided and outfitted hunters in co and nm for 8 years it is alwasy a great feeling to be able to go up there and find and kill an elk but to get where they are you are going to have to get back in there awlay from everything else unless you just get lucky ... and if you arent familiar eith the mountains you probably dont want to do that without a guide there hvae been more accidents and lost hunters there than you will ever hear about but good luck which ever way you go and if you do try it a tleast take a good gps

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