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Hunting Dogs Need a Home ASAP

Hi Im Brie and I work for Hampshire County Animal Control. 

Im hoping that here I will be able to post my Huning Dogs that we have and find them a home before they get euthanized. 

HCAC is located in Hampshire County West Virginia.  A small Town called Slanesville.

We rescue abused and neglected animals everyday, we try our hardest to find them each a home but at times are very Unsuccessful  with that, esp our Hunting Dogs. 

As of right now I have Two Plott Hounds and one Black and white Coonhound.

The Plott's are very Nice Dogs and I was told were used for Bear Hunting. 

If any of you are Interested please Call or Text (304)359-0380.

If I don't happen to answer please leave MSG and I will call you back ASAP.

Thank you

Brie Hello

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Hey Brie, welcome to the

Hey Brie, welcome to the site.  I am 2,000 miles away, and don't hunt with dogs, but I just wanted to say that it's a great thing you are doing there.  It's good for people to consider adopting pets, versus going out and buying new from a puppy mill or something.  Hopefully you will find a nice home for these guys out there! 

I would think that finding a place for hunting dogs, especially in that neck of the woods, wouldn't be a problem.  Why do you think it is that it's tougher for those to find a home?

Good luck! Nice looking dogs.

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Welcome, hope you find a home for them. I'd go for a couple but have two of my own right now. A lady here in town adopted a dog a couple weeks ago. Has the most horrible over bite I've ever seen. That pup got a good home.


About a year ago a friend picked up a rescue dog, GSP. The pup, 8mos, had never been socialized, never been out of the kennel it was in and was a distaster looking for a place to happen. Duke was just a few days from being put to sleep when Glenn got him. I had him here about a year and he's over everything and making a fire bird dog. First two weeks he spent with Glenn and I have no idea what he did but that pup absolutely loves Glenn and his daughter. I feel great that Dukes in a good home and I can see him often.

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Hey guys, thanks allot. Im

Hey guys, thanks allot.

Im hoping someone out there would be Interested In one of them.  They are such nice guys and I have to say My Favorite Hunting Dog is the Plott..they are great Family dogs too.

I had some GSP pups not to long ago and ofcourse since they were pups were placed quickly.

I think allot of people dont like the fact Hounds love to chase things, and are very hard to change.  Noone wants a dog that is difficult to train.  :(

Spread the word..you never know what can happen.




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Is there a hound club or

Is there a hound club or rescue group in New England?  

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