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Hunting a cutover?

I planted a foodplot a couple of months ago. Yesterday they started logging all of the pines off part of the property. They may leave a few trees here and there, they are just not through yet. They havent, as of yet, driven on the food plot. My question is, is a cutover from pines a good place to hunt? How will the cutting of the trees affect the deer habits? Gun season doesnt come in for a couple of more weeks and they should be finished in a day or two. These pines have been there, i know for as long as ive been alive, which is 23 years. I was just curious. Any help you could give me would be great.



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Hunting a cutover?

I've hunted alot of clearcuts and had Great success one year I hunted the outskirts as they were cutting and had my pick of deer as they came out of the cut.

It all depends on the deer and how tight they are to the area.

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Hunting a cutover?

I don't know how the deer act down there but I have logged some of my land and the deer seem to be attracted to the operation. As soon as I stopped the saw they were coming out to see what they could eat off the trees. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Hunting a cutover?

I've had pretty good luck for deer and turkey in these type of situations....TN & PA... Thumbs up

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Hunting a cutover?

I've had some great success from hunting cuts. Just depends how the deer are acting during that time. I wouldn't worry about it Think