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Hunting With Crimson Trace Laser Grips: Review

January 2009 Product Review

Hunting With Crimson Trace Laser Grips

Although laser grips have been out for some years, I never had an interest in them. My feelings were that they took the place of practice, which is never a good thing. Anyone who is serious about self defense for themselves and their family should practice and have all qualified members of the family, do the same. They are advertised as a sighting system for self defense guns. Admittedly I am old fashioned and any battery operated gadgets on a gun, I look at with a dubious eye.Read more...

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Re: Hunting With Crimson Trace Laser Grips: Review

I wish to take exception to the arthors contention that lazer grips take the place of practice for those who use them. I have Crimzon Trace grips on my personal protection handguns and still practice extensivly. For me, the lazer grips allow me to shoot more accuratly, as with I have trouble seeing iron sights well in low light conditions. As far as hunting with lazer sights, none of my hunting handguns have lazer sight for the simple reason that they are illegal for hunting in the states that I hunt.

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Re: Hunting With Crimson Trace Laser Grips: Review

It's true that advancement in technology can never really replace a lifetime of hard earned skills. If you're not proficient enough without it, you'll never be proficient enough with it. But that's not to say that this technology should not be used. I think laser grips and sights have their place, not sure if that place is in hunting, as I can definitely see the drawbacks of shining laser lights around when trying to be stealthy. I think they are a great benefit for folks who have a hard time seeing near.

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I recently put a laser grip

I recently put a laser grip on my daughters LCP after she got her carry permit.

I really thought it was a great idea till I tried it.  I found myself looking for the dot and no longer focused on the front sight like I should be.

They have a use for some people. Especially with vision problems and being able to see the sights properly, I'm just not to that point yet.