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Hunting for Coyote on Private Timber Land

I got a permit to hunt on private timber land. Has anyone had success hunting on private timber land that could give me some tips on how to call coyotes there. I was trying to find some clear cuts so I could have a big field of view but most of the time I was stuck in small cleared areas that were really narrow, maybe like 25 yards by 150 yards. I managed to call one coyote but couldnt get a shot off.

Anyone have any tips on getting coyote in the timber forests? Thanks!

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Hunting for Coyote on Private Timber Land

where you huntin?

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Hunting for Coyote on Private Timber Land

Hunt the cross winds (not in your face), don't call too much and use a shotgun.

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Hunting for Coyote on Private Timber Land

Welcome to BGH Poidgo. I'm not a big time coyote hunter but if I were to hunt in that tight of country, I think I'd opt for either a shotgun or really light weight rifle. Think my 22 mag would work well, but maybe not as well as the shotgun. Savage used to make a mod 24 that was a rifle barrel over a shotgun barrel. Probably just right for what you need.

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