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Hunting Colorado Mule Deer in Unit 61

My oldest son drew a Mule Deer tag in Colorado's Unit 61 for 3rd rifle season this coming fall. I've never hunted that area but hear it is a good unit for quality and quantity. We would welcome any information on specific locations to begin scouting and hunting next November. He is heading to the Air Force Academy next fall, so I'm looking at this opportunity as the last time we'll hunt together for many years to come and I'd like to make this a special time together. All my boys drew cow tags in Unit 10, which we've hunted often in the past with great success and we're still waiting to hear about antelope in unit 105. While all 3 boys will hunt elk and antelope together, I only put my oldest in for this deer hunt so we can have some one-on-one time before he begins his military career at the AF Academy. Any suggestions would be welcome and thanks in advance for your insights and experience.

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Re: Hunting Colorado Mule Deer in Unit 61


Congrats on all the tags that you all drew! Although deer numbers are down quite a bit you should have a decent hunt with your son. I am sending you a PM on some areas to check out. Good luck on all of your hunts this year. Thumbs up

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