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The crowds

will be gone in 3 days!!! Stay the course and the elk will resume their patterns!!! Where I hunt in 55 the atv's run the roads and the elk after day 1 will just hole up! I have kicked Elk out of the timber 100yds off the Atv or jeep trail! Not many hunt the timber or even get off their atv's and actually hunt! Those Elk see traffic all year with all the Mtn Bikers and Atv users and they just find the sanctuary!!!! I find the Elk in the same spot, year after year! on the same hillside every opener of second!!!! Then they hole up!! If I am not successful first day, I wait them out until Tuesday when I make the trek through their house, sneeky of course , still hunting towards camp! If I do  not get a shot, camp does!!!!!! Camp usually gets the shot, but sometimes we both do!! It is always nice to hear shots from camp after you shoot!!! I have no problem with a 35 yd shot on a snoozing bull!!!! Then walk into camp and see your buddies up the hill cleaning a critter or two!! I hunt high 2 nd season!  Camp is at 9500 ft!!!! Since you are by yourself, I would glass hard after the first couple of days and when the crowds leave those elk will even start bugling again and you should be able to make your move!!! Good luck, but stay the course!!

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That's exactly what I've been

That's exactly what I've been told. You actually have to get off your butt and walk a bit, which isn't a problem for me. I've already been hitting the treadmill with a big air pack on my back that we use in the fire dept. I got a good spotting scope, turns out I cant leave till the 20th anyway. That's the day I have the oral exam for my captains test. So I probably wont get there till Sunday sometime anyway. Thanks for all your info and help. 

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