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Hunting Clubs

Hey all,

I was wondering what you all thought about hunting clubs? I really don't know much about them but I've only been hunting for one year and I was thinking about joining a club to partner with someone to learn more. My main/really issue is that I just don't know where to go.


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In my experience hunting

In my experience hunting clubs are not worth the money that you have to spend to join them for what they offer.  You would be better off by listing where you are located at and seeing if someone here might help you out. 

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It's interesting that you ask about joining a hunting club.  Here in Washington state I don't know that we even have any.  Or maybe I just don't run in the right circles?  What I have seen several times, is someone posting on their local Craigslist for a hunting partner in a specific area.  I don't know if they recieved an answer, but it might be a good place to start. 

I would rather see if any of my friends were hunters.  Do you go to a church that might have some hunters in it?  Do you belong to any other organizations that you might find a common ground of hunting with someone?  I am skeptical of hunting with strangers. 

I do understand that many southern states have hunting clubs and leases.  If that is the only option, it beats sitting at home.  Good luck.  I agree that your first step might be asking for help on this site. 

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Hunting Clubs

Hello guys,

Thank you VERY much for taking the time to reply. I thought I would have recieved an e-mail once anyone responded but i didn't so I just didn't return to the page... Anyway, they do ask for ALLLLLLLOT of money to join these guys so at least for now I'm just going to partner up.

-Ruben Whistling

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You get what you pay for: 

You get what you pay for:  access to private land as if its your own.

If you're some wealthy CEO with a 7 day vacation per year, damn right you'll be on private land becaues you simply don't have time to fool around.  If you're unemployed with time galore then you have time to network and try getting access to private lands hit or miss.


I'm just a newbie but this is my impression of how things work.

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Hunting Clubs

From what I've seen, hunt clubs are more of a Southern thing.  Personally, I'm not a fan.  One of the biggest challenges to hunters is access to land, and hunt clubs I've seen have been dedicated to insuring exclusive access to hunting areas.  It's not so much a matter of making it available as it is about making sure it's only available to certain people and keeping everyone else out.

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