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hunting Clearfield county in PA.... dialing the scope

Hunting my first bear hunt in PA in Clearfield county where Elk and Jefferson counties come together. I have a Remingtom 760 30.06 shooting 180 grain Rem. What distance should I be setting my scope/rifle in at?

Going from an expierenced white tail hunter/ tree stand to a NOVICE bear hunter stalking will be an expierence of a life time.. Will be in PA NOV 24,25,26.

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hunting Clearfield county in PA.... dialing the scope

I sight in most of my rifles with a 200 yd zero. Maximun rise within 200yds should be about 3 inches with your 180 gr load. That is certainly "minuite of deer/bear". Alternatly, my Ruger Frontier 308 is sighted dead on at 50 yds, is 1/4 inch high at 100 yds, 1 inch low at 150 yds and 3 1/3 inch low at 200 yds.
This is my thick cover rifle. Where you are hunting in Clearfield County is pretty thick as I recall.

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hunting Clearfield county in PA.... dialing the scope

Not a lot of 200 and 300 yd shots in the NE. If where you are hunting you might have shots this far, best to know where the gun is hitting. In general I would sight in to be some where around 2 inches high a 100 yds if you will be shooting beyond that range. If your shots will be 100 yds or less put it dead nuts at 100.

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