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Hunting with children

I have learned from hunting with my kids that whether they come with you to hunt or they are hunting under your supervision there and some rules that both you and you and your children should follow.

For Kids:

1). always listen to the adult around you.

2).keep as quiet as possible while hunting no matter what the animal is.

For The Parents:

1). introduce the kids to hunting early on in life because there is a better chance they would like it.

2). only take them if they do enjoy it not just because you like it.

3). in many states there are mentored youth programs where kids can hunt before they have   there licences just make sure you have read and understand the rules and regulations before you take them out to the woods.

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Very sound advice whitetail

Very sound advice whitetail man.  Welcome to the forum!

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and safety safety safety

Getting out with any new hunter but especially a young one is a wonderful thing.  But nothing makes you feel quite as vulnerable as the first time you find yourself in front of a 12 year old with a loaded gun. 

My advice is to in a friendly way - stress safety - again and again and again.  A good time and it doesn't matter if you get game or not as long as everyone comes home safe.  Everything else is secondary. 

Safe muzzle control, mechanical safeties on, and not loaded until needed, finger off the triggers, etc etc, again and again - every time you are out with a kid.  There is no harm in drilling it even when you think they have got it.  I'd much rather say it when not needed than ever have an accidental discharge.

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