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Hunting Charities

Hi all,

I work for a camouflage home decor company called Camo Trading, and we are on the lookout for a good charity to sponsor and help.  Since I am new to the whole hunting community, I was wondering if anybody might have some good suggestions of charities for us to sponsor.  Are there any issuse or organizations that are especially near and dear to your hearts?  I appreciate all your help and input.

Camo Man

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Welcome to the site, and it's

Welcome to the site, and it's nice of you to be doing that.

I have a couple of areas I would suggest, but just not sure on the names.  Maybe other's could join in.

My first choice would be to find a reputable organization that takes either the physically handicapped, or returning soldiers on hunts.  They are sacraficing alot for this country, and they deserve some quality down time.

The second would be something like FHFH, which is Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.  They provide meals for the needy, and take either cash donations, or take donations of unwanted or leftover game meat and serve it at shelters and such.  FHFH is just one of many of these types of charitable organizations that have sprouted up.  I would check somewhere close to where you are located and find one like that.

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Thanks Ca_Vermonster

Those are some great suggestions; I will start looking into those.  I didn’t even know there where charities that took returning soldiers on hunts.  That is so cool!  If anybody else has some ideas please feel free to post them.

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Agree with CA Vermonster on

Agree with CA Vermonster on the Wounded Warrior Program. That is a great way to pay back theose folks who have given so much. I would also give Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation a call and see what programs they can suggest. Of course any program to help kids enjoy the great outdoors is a good choice too.

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Here's one of the stories on this site about the wounded warrior program. It's worth reading and sounds like it would be a great one for your purposes to me.

Good luck with your plans and thanks for for trying to make a difference.

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Great Effort!


Cammo Man - I am one of the people in our church charged with providing information to the church council on what organizations to send our benevolence dollars toward.  www.woundedwarrior.org as provided in another response is a highly regarded organinization that I strongly suggest.  Being from a hunter background and doing the investigation on the amount of service towards the needy I also back the effort to provide support to the feeding of the hungry through FHFH.org.  Both are highly respected organizations that use thier fundings and provisions very wisely.


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