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Guys - It has been a while since I have visited this post of mine. But thanks everyone for your comments. Right now I am struggling with CT DEP. DEP does not have a lot of good maps for their forests. So I went to Pachaug state forest to do some scouting and found myself going through private property to get to the forest. And I was following DEP directions!!! I was pissed. I plan to scout again but this time I won't forget to take Googgle Maps with me.

Since we have been talking about calibres here is a question. Out of the three.300Win mag , .30/06 and .308Win which is the bigger caliber? I heard someone tell me that a .308 is smaller than .300? Is that true?
Also, I have been looking at CZ rifles. What do you guys think about them? Any good? I love the dark wood stocks and the fact that even the medium caliber guns come with iron sights.

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Everything that was posted helped me a lot, you see I'm new also.

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