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Hunting boar 365 lb


our county is known for the quality of his chestnuts.

This boar must have eat a lot :


You're welcome

Merry Xmas


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good one!

That there is a good lookin' boar! I really like the traditional Euro looking ones with the husky front shoulders and the lower haunches. Looks like the hunter also made a freat shot as it looks like a hole right at the base of his ear.

Great boar and thanks for sharing those pictures. Thumbs up

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nice one!

Bring on the grinder.  It is time to make some breakfast sausage!  Oh it would be nice if we had feral pigs here. I'm jealous of you guys in more gentle climates.  I grew up raising domestic hogs and never considered them any sort of a trophy game animal (after all they are just escaped pet pigs right?) but I would love to be able to go out and harvest a couple hundred pounds of free pork!