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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

Hi all,

I am looking for everyone's input about the kind of hunting bags & packs they are currently using, the type of hunting/camping they use it for, and if they would recommend it? I'm in the tedious process of trying to find a new pack and any suggestions would be appreciated.

I currently use a backpack for day trips, which weighs around 40-60 lbs, and have a separate meat pack (old military style, non external backpack frame) that I use to haul out a successful hunt. Usually strap my backpack to the meat pack the first day if we are going to hunt the same area for a few days. I’m hoping to incorporate the two with the help of your suggestions. I primary hunt deer, elk, and antelope and have future plans on backcountry wilderness hunts.

Thank you everyone for your input

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

Here's a great pack.


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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

My go-to setup is a combination of a large fannypack(Remington) with a midsize daypack(Camelback) on top of it. This allows me a lot of versatility in moving stuff around and hauling out the first load of meat. When I get to camp or truck, I then grab my large external frame pack(Cabelas). I've also tried hunting with a large (about 3500 ci) soft daypack, but had the straps break while packing out a deer in Wyoming. I wan't happy.
I just picked up a 5000 ci soft pack, but I'm not sure how I'll use it. It might replace the large fanny pack, midsize day pack combo. I would still plan on using the external frame after returning to camp.
When I backpack in to a spot, I use my external frame pack, but bring a smallish daypack along also.

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

I truely love my eberlestock pack, I have put a deboned rear quarter of a bull elk on it ( I always have one big game bag in it ) and I love being able to be hands free with the rifle fitting in the pack also . It actually fits my Remington Sendero with a 26" bull barrel, my bipods attached, sling, scope and all. It also has a place for my camelback. I also have an external frame pack in the truck so when I get back for the return trips.

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

I use a Cabelas external to backpack in and use a 1600ci daypack to hunt out of.

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

i do 4-5 day wilderness backpack hunts and love my badlands 2200
im able to gget 4-5 days of stuff in and pack meat out also
but my gear is very small and light and all frills are left at home
but badlands also has 2 larger packs
love there comfort

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

I use the Cabela's external frame packs, both with & w/o the pack and will always sware by them now! Great performance for several years now!!

Though one of these days I just may buy that big ol butterfly job from Eberlestock! cool ...if I ever hit the lotto that is!!! neener! Those things are tough though, but $3-4 Bennies is hard to swallow for an old tightwad like me!

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

I like Blacks Creek packs. There the best all around pack for what i do. go in light but still have a zip out meat compartment to carry out your critter! Lifetime warranty too. check them out here if your interested.

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

My brother works for Kifaru (the elite backpacking shelter and backpack company). There gear is not cheap but it is the best. The owner, Patrick Smith goes to my family's church and is a good man running a top notch outfit. Everything is assembled in there shop in Wheat Ridge, CO. He started Mountain Smith many years ago and then started Kifaru.


Go to the hunting link at the top and browse their gear. You will also find the message boards very useful. For tracking down what you need. Like I said, if you are looking for the BEST in backpacking gear than Kifaru is your bet although there are cheaper options out there.

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

In my opinion and I have owned a bunch of packs Kifaru hands down and than eberlestock for the money. Thumbs up

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Hunting Bags & Packs Help

I have owned and used the eberlestock pack. they are a heavy day pack but the appeal of a place for my rifle and meat is very good.
Kifaru makes great stuff. not cheap but great stuff.
I ahve heard good things about the badlands stuff.

To me. you got to have a good harness system and place to put your rifle and a way to pack out meat, without thepack weighing a ton empty.


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