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Hunting with ATVS

The Idaho Fish and Game has restricted atv use only if your hunting, not if your joy riding. Wanted to get some feed back on this matter. Would like to see where hunters
stand on this subject.

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Hunting with ATVS

All ATV use is regulated the same way as far as where you can go and where you can't go in the woods here in Colorado. The only other reg. is carrying a firearm during hunting a game specie such as elk with an ATV.In my opinion most people operate ATV's during hunting season here in Colorado irresponsibe and drive just about anywhere they want to go with them. They should keep them on designated roads and not destroy the environment on any public land during any time of the year.

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Hunting with ATVS

There has been quite a bit of rhetoric on atv's in some other threads. Here is a link to one of them:

in the whitetail area

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Hunting with ATVS

I have mixed emotions about this. I do use ATV's as a hunting tool. I use them to get me into or close to an area where I want to hunt. I also use them to get game out of an area and back to my truck when successful. I also use them to get bear bait into where it needs to go. Although I do not use them to hunt from, I do see a lot of people who do. I know some people who are not physically able to hike all over a mtn all day looking for game and for them this is as close as they can get to hunting. For those that use ATV's responsibly and stay on roads and trails designated to ATV use, I have no problem with them. A few bad apples can sure spoil a lot.... Bottom line is we need to be reponsible for ourselves, and hold other "hunters" accountable if they abuse the priviledge of hunting in any way.
I do not fully understand the new rules F&G has yet, but if it means that I am no longer to ride my ATV on a trail to a point where I can get off, climb a ridge and start hunting, then I will be very dissapointed.

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Hunting with ATVS

I bought one for transportation up hunting. But not for driving off roads making my own trails. I have seen this more than you know. My brother hunted a area where he drew and had to hike to get a nice bull. He drew 4 yrs later and now there are 4 wheeler trails up every bottom and up and over every ridge there was. he was pretty pissed. I can see using one to get game out but not if it is a couple miles in and you have to make your own trail to get there. I feel that it is up to the individual to hunt with them responsibly and not just to use them as extentions of there legs. If you can't get off of them to hike up to game then you have no business being out in the woods. I mean that to. I can see if someone is handicapped or has a disability then ok. I have also seen people abuse this right. I always thought hunting was in FAIR CHASE. Riding something in somewhere where you can hike into and basically shooting off it or stepping off the bike is not fair chase. I am sorry but if your to damn lazy to work for a animal that gives its life up for the hunt then you better be ready to do the work of packing it out.
I for one am glad they put this into affect as i have already heard how people are going to try and beat the rule. It is a shame what people will do. I hope they have strict penalties for the law. When it comes time for me not to hunt again because of age or a disablity I will find something easier to hunt.
Just my thoughts.

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Hunting with ATVS

I have never shot from my ATV nor have I used it to chase down any game. I don't beleive that you can call yourself a "Hunter" if you do.I have a quad that I use for getting around the logging roads. I ride it to a landing or skid road and hike in from there. I use it a lot for a chase vehicle. We will ride the quad to where we will start hiking at and hunt our way back to camp. Then take the truck back to where the quad is, pick it up and go back to camp. Hunter's need to be responsible for their actions. We all have a responsibility to preserve what we have now for the next generation of hunter's. Because we are under a magnifying glass at all times.

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