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Hunting and Warm Weather????

I am going up for 3rd season west of Steamboat. Everyone that I have talked to that has hunted the 1st and 2nd season said that it has been tough.

Any suggestions on how to hunt when the highs are going to be in the 60's? I am not against walking, but bumping an elk and only seeing its backside makes for a tough shot. I will hunt from sun up to sun down, but not sure how active they will be with the warmth. Any suggestions would be great

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4th season

We are going to be south of Steamboat and I am wondering the same. Any info woll be greatly appreciated. Confused Question

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Hunting and Warm Weather????

we just got back from hunting the 2nd season. It is HOT and very dry there. We have hunted the same place for several years and have learned some travel routes. We killed all our animals early in the morning except one bull that was shoot with only about 15 mins of shooting time left. In all our group of 10 shot 5 bulls 2 cows a 170 mule deer and a very nice bear. The good news is the chance at a bear is very good. I saw and some could of been the same ones from days prior a total of 26 bears in 7 days. The most bears I seen was on a Tuesday morning where I watched 7 differnt bears.

Back to the elk. We don't like to get into the dark timber with them. If your going to go into their bedding area you better hope the wind stays true (don't swirl) and you see the elk before they see or smell you. You can get away with a little natural sounding noise as elk make alot of noise themselves.

I don't think it is worth taking the risk in running your elk out of the area you intend to hunt. Find their travel routes and catch them on the way by and pray for cooler weather with some snow.

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