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A 73 year old buddy of

A 73 year old buddy of mine got out of it and moved to Miami.  He GAVE me all his RCBS equipment and all I need is a set of 243 dies for a Sako to reload for it.  I already had Forster dies for my 25-06 and 30-06s that another friend and I set up to load my stuff in his equipment and now I'm doing it all by myself.  I bought enough components a couple years ago before stuff got sky high and hard to find and now have enough to last me the rest of my hunting life.

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my hunting ammo

Like so many on this site, I reload my own ammo.  I started about 35 years ago and continue to load for all my rifles.  I load for a 338 win mag, 300 Weatherby mag, 30-06, 308, 270, 25-06, 7 mm Weatherby mag, 22-250, 7 mm Remington mag, 6 mm and the 223.  I have a few sets of dies for handguns but have never tried those.  I don't shoot handguns enough to warrant reloading for them. 

I like the ability to change bullet weights and ballistics.  I am very meticulous and have never had any problems with my reloads.  I look at reloading as a relaxing way to spend some quiet time, rather than trying to save money. 

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I started reloading in 1997 -

I started reloading in 1997 - wife bought me a Lee Loader for Christmas.  Best Christmas ever, for me!  For her, well, she hasn't seen me quite as often since ::whistling:   Anywho's, once I started loading, I couldn't help the addiction and started loading for friends on a routine basis.  Best thing about reloading for me is that when I go hunting and kill a animal, I get full satisfaction knowing that everything I did was right on Thumbs up I still load for friends here in Colorado and can't help the feeling of great satisfaction when we go to the range and everything goes 'bang'!

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I started reloading as a kid

I started reloading as a kid 13-14 YO because I didn't have enough money to buy all the ammo I wanted to shoot , now with senior status quickly aproaching I find myself in the same place, I love to shoot, and now have more time to do it. So if you shoot thousands of rounds a year that you reload, would you change for your hunting rounds?


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I started reloading

I started reloading when I got my first centerfire rifle, a .30-06, back in about 1967.  Except for my first deer and my first elk that I shot with borrowed rifles and factory ammo, and a half dozen or so deer that I shot with a .22 LR, every other big game animal that I've shot has been with my reloaded ammo.  That includes several Bighorn rams, a Dall ram, and three trips to Africa.

For pistols, I cast my own bullets and load .38 Spl, .357 mag, .44 mag, and .45 acp.  For blackpowder, I cast my own bullets and load .36 and .44 cal pistols, and .45, .50, and .54 cal rifles.  For centerfire rifles, I load .22-250, .257 Ackley, .270 Win, 7 mm Rem mag, .30 Carbine, .30-30, .308 Win, .30-06, .30 Gibbs, .300 Wby, and .375 RUM.  I also make my own shot, and reload 5,000+ shotshells per year in .410, 28, 20, and 12 gauges.

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I've been rolling my own as a

I've been rolling my own as a handloader now for 30+ years, started out with my dad and a single station press and once I got on my own I purchased a Dillon 550B progressive press.

The calibers I currently own and reload for are: .338 WM, 30-06 Springfield, .300 SAUM, 8mm Mauser, .303 British, 7mm Rem Mag, 6.5x55 Swiss, 12 Ga. Shotshells, .44 Rem Mag, 9mm, and the 9mm Makorov.

I have an ample supply of various primers, and powders to keep me running for a few years and enjoy devoloping new variations of loads for all of my firearms.

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