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hunters near me

I'm looking for active hunters in TN around Sullivan, Hawkins, Mount Carmel and Church Hill. I'm relatively new to hunting (except for deer) and want to know what the hunters around me (I live in Mount Carmel) hunt in the area throughout the year. I don't have much money to invest in guns and such, but I do have a hunting rifle and my granddad is letting me borrow his BB gun. I really want to get into whatever I can as far as hunting goes (squirrel, rabbit, whatever) but no one else in my family hunts anything but deer. My younger cousin hunts, HOWEVER he shoots at anything that moves with no rhyme or reason for killing. I don't trust him with a firearm anyway.

Trophies aren't important to me- I just want to be able to provide my family (and dog) with fresh, healthy meat and am also looking into tanning hides and bone jewelry. If anybody on this forum lives close and can give me some tips I'd be most appreciative. Also, if you've got old meat from past kills lying around that too old to eat I'll happily take it off your hands. Lol



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I wish I could help you out

I wish I could help you out some, but it looks like you are quite a ways from my part of Tennessee (Montgomery Cty). I do wish you luck in your search, however, and hope you are able to locate some private land nearby so you might begin your hunting career sometime soon!

Good luck!!