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I don't wear it to the stand before light or on stand... If it's dark it can't really be seen that well and nobody should mistake you for a deer 15 feet up a tree. However I always wear it after the kill when hauling out of the woods or tracking the wounded deer. Picture the situation where the wounded deer runs by another hunter and you're the next thing that walks by. In these cases I wear blaze hat and vest. Don't take any chances....live to hunt another day.

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Hunter Orange

Two articles of orange is required here in Maine during deer season and one article during moose season.

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Hunter Orange

Thanks for the responses re: hunter orange in NYS. I don't wear it when I'm hunting big country with few hunters in VT or northern NYS. Just personal preference.That's not to say I don't think it's a good idea, especially on public land in the southern zone of NYS. When I hunt places requiring hunter orange (Maine, Province of Quebec) I obey the law and have no problem wearing it.

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Hunter Orange

Here in VA, orange is required during the general rifle seasons ans spring gobbler, but not for stuff like archery and muzzleloader. Its no sweat. I feel a little safer moving around with some orange on especially on those "either sex" deer days. The deer don't care if you wear orange. Just keep your stink in check and wash your clothes in some anti UV detergent. I've killed more deer wearing orange than wearing solid camo. Coincidence??

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