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Hunter Orange no longer required

Don............I think you will know from my post on this subject that you will get no arguement from me. I agree.

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Hunter Orange no longer required

Great posts all. Been out snowshoeing for the last three days, couldn't chime in.....

I agree with points from all of you. Orange does help identify you as non-food. Let's be honest though, I havent heard of many long range hunting accidents. All are point blank, in your face, some guy stood up after a shot, and got blasted by his guide or buddy in the head from one foot away... unloading at the side of the SUV, crossing a fence... Most guys couldn't hit you at two hundred yards if they wanted to. Of course these are all my opinions, no data to back up my flapping jaws, but I still argue that if orange was for safety, mountain bikers, horseback riders, muzzleloaders, bird watchers, atv riders, berry pickers, archers, brush pickers, hikers, forest service workers, mushroom pickers, and campers should also wear it. Why not. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. New law, everyone wears orange and we can all be happy and safe. Thank goodness for the legislators! Hooray! I am now safe!

You know this is a bunch of bull. If I shoot my buddy at 5 yards, 50 yards or 500 yards, no difference. Same stupid decision. The gun is my responsibility. "Mistakes" happen at all ranges, but more happen close up, where orange didn't matter. Flashing orange neon with spinning whizzbangs and whistling warnings aint going to make the bullet stop when it counts. I would argue that you stand a better chance of getting charges dropped if you shoot someone at point blank than at 100 yards. This is my point. If shootings occurr up close, and are considered accidental, then orange doesnt really help your safety. Unscrupulous hunters who may use their scope to scan a clearing arent going to shoot me just because I was only wearing 100 inches of orange instead of the 400 required by state law. Lets be honest here, when you see the tiniest spot of orange, say a hat, or a glimpse of orange passing behind a tree, you avoid the area like the plague, or back off a ways. I say one hat or 100 inches would suffice.

Why am I so peeved with this issue? Here is why;

Currently in this state, only rifle hunters must wear it. Personally, i believe that a big ass patch of blaze orange is like waving a neon flag to game. Yes, I have gotten very close to game wearing the orange, but still think I am now at a slight disadvantage compared to other hunters in this state who are not required to wear orange. ( I know, try hunting with arrows.. and....you muzzle guys are good out to over 100 yards now so dont gripe to me...) If legislators cared about safety, they would make all hunters, and all others in the woods wear it... Maybe even indians should wear it for their safety.

The reason they will not legislate the orange for other groups is because the image that people with guns have given to hunters. Most hunters i know do not shoot the crap out of signs, leave trash at the end of roads, and shoot cattle. Other people with guns do much of this. But, it looks like hunters did, so we have the crappy reputation, it is ok to legislate stupid laws to help better manage the hunters. Game officials can readily see you are a hunter as you approach in a vehicle or are nearby in the woods, sure makes checking our licenses easier...

Look at duck hunting, the duck hunters I know, are able to hunt nearby other duck hunters, you check where your shot may fall, and shoot all day without banging each other...all fully camoed from head to toe...same with turkey hunting...coyote hunting....

And as I stated previously, I own a ton of camoflauge hunting clothing, and have had to buy a bunch more with camo in the mix, just to stay legal. During deer season, I have seen many hunters go around with only an orange, or sometimes only a red hat on their head. I wish I could do the same, but I have always tried to comply with the rules.

So, now, if all hell breaks out, and I am confronted by a meth lab scuzzball, or pot grower, or deranged tresspasser or whomever, I am now sticking out like a sore thumb, and cannot duck and hide in order to engage my adversary. Like those Wisconsin hunters who were all shot to death, I am wearing blaze orange. You tell me, how can I now protect myself? I would rather, ditch my hat and blend in immediately. Come and get me now....

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Hunter Orange no longer required

There are idiocities in most of the laws. Most aren't a compilation of all scenarios.
There have been several comedians that have made a good living out of pointing out how rediculous, incomplete or totally unneccessary many of our laws and warnings on product label are.
One of my favorite laws is. I must wear a seat belt when driving my car. Yet I can ride a motorcycle where my body is exposed to the elements and has no protection. If I so desire.
One of my favorite product warning labels is for a mold and mildew remover. The product warning is.......Use only in a well ventilated area!!!! The fact is. If it was well ventillated. I wouldn't need it.

I use to think that if it helped one person. It was worth it.
Now I believe that if it doesn't work under all scenarios. then it should be discarded.
There are just to many idiotic laws, rules, regs and disclaimers that don't accomplish what they were intended for.

After many years of contemplation on the why's of these types of laws and disclaimers. The conclusions I have come up with are.
1. Attorneys, insurance companies, banks and law makers need to justify their paycheck.
2. There's nothing that say's you have to be smart, to write laws, rules, regs and disclaimers.
3. Anything else would be a need to justify the existence of such an unhealthy controlling nature that some of us feel we need to indulge upon the existence of others. In other words, some of us need to get a life.

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