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Hunter Orange

In the state of Washington where I live, it's mandatory to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange during the modern firearm season.  No orange is required during archery or black powder seasons.  I was chatting with another hunter this past season and told him he had to have hunter orange on his head.  It didn't take him long to dig out the regulations and prove me wrong.  There is no requirement for hunter orange on the head.  It's just a total of 400 inches.

I am curious how other states handle this.  How much hunter orange is required in your state and where must it be worn?

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It appears that there are a

It appears that there are a lot of differences between the states on this one. Here in Colorado it is a minimum of 500 inches above the waist and yes you must have something on your head that is visible in all directions. It is also required in the muzzle loader season but of course not in archery with which it overlaps.

In Wyoming you only need to have something on your head OR a vest aor something similar. Camo orange is legal in Wyoming but not in Colorado. I have only hunted private land in texas but no orange at all is required for that. On public land there I don't know.

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New York State does NOT require hunter orange at all.

New York State does NOT require hunter orange at all.  That said, I do not hunt without a blaze orange hat and at least a vest.  I prefer blaze camo over solid blaze because I think it is better to break up your outline when trying to stay camouflaged.  I am watching for an opportunity to buy a cold weather parka in blaze camo but have not found one that I have considered affordable yet, so I wear my blaze camo cap and vest over my parka.  If it is warm enough to not need the parka I wear a blaze and black camo sweatshirt instead.

In my opinion it is just smart to do everything you can to protect yourself from hunting accidents and wearing orange is the best way that I know how to do that.

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