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Hunter fatality in VT

I thought hunter orange was mandatory during the firearm season. I would never go out without my orange on.

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Not in all states

It's not mandatory in all states. I know that VT and NH do not require it. NH recommends it, but doesn't require it. Here's the excerp from the VT hunting laws:

Wearing fluorescent “Hunter Orange” while hunting is your
choice in Vermont. Most states and Canadian provinces
require it for hunting upland and big game animals.
Records show that in mistaken-for-game hunting accidents,
the victim is almost always not wearing hunter orange.
Evidence from other states and Canadian provinces that
require the use of hunter orange clothing prove that it
reduces accidents and saves lives.
Wearing fluorescent “Hunter Orange” while hunting this
season is a choice you have to make. Your decision should
be one you can live with."

There you have it. Freedom to choose. I'm OK with that. I would just hope people make informed choices. They (and their loved ones) will have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Think

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Hunter fatality in VT

I like the idea that everybody is free to choose (hunter orange, smoking, seat belt, helmet, etc) as long as the rest of us do not have to pay for the consequences of their bad choice!

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