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Hunter Etiquette & Responsibility (feature article)

July 2008 Feature Article:

Hunter Etiquette & Responsibility

Respectable hunters live by both a written and an unwritten code. Most of us acknowledge our responsibility to follow the formal and informal rules of etiquette. Webster's dictionary defines etiquette as, "rules governing socially acceptable behavior." Unfortunately there are those among us who choose to ignore etiquette, conducting their hunting activities with only self-serving interests in mind. At a time when our heritage activities are under constant scrutiny it behooves us to heed the importance of etiquette and ethics. As I contemplate this issue I can't help but conclude that it's really all about respect - respecting the law, landowners, the land, as well as non-hunters and hunters alike.

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Re: Hunter Etiquette & Responsibility (feature article)

This is so true. I always stress to my kids the importance of following the rules. What I also teach them is the physics of ballistics. I believe this is a corner stone in understanding the reasons why the rules are the way they are. Over the years people have learned a lot of hard lessons. Now we understand so much more about how firearms work and how projectiles behave. I can't stress enough how important it is to really understand what you are doing when you pull that trigger. I also try to instill safety about all aspects of hunting, from the proper use of firearms to how to handle a knife. Common sense and respect is the best way to go.

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