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Hunter bashing

i'm a little late getting in on this topic, but i'd like to share what i heard once. i had a biology teacher who was also an avid outdoorsman and he was off on a rant one day in class talking about hunting and eating wild game. a girl in the class then started a debate with him on the ethics of "killing innocent animals", and asking why it was necessary to shoot animals when you could buy food at the grocery store.

the debate went on for a few minutes until she admitted that she was a vegetarian. then the bio teacher asked "do you know the difference between eating animals and plants?" she told him "no", and he said "plants cant scream when you kill them." this was back in college, so she voluntarily left class and didn't return.

i thought it was a great comment at the time and i still talk about it with a friend of mine who was in the class. the teacher is a very respectful and responsible hunter, he just made the comment to get under her skin... and it worked!

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Hunter bashing

You definitely live too close to NYC. Yes

I just wouldn't advertise the fact that I was a hunter. The tree huggers will never understand the fact that controlling the deer population is good for the herd or the fact that more deer kill people than any other animal. (causing car accidents)

We're all with you, brother. Hang in there...LOL.

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Hunter bashing

I would say, "great, now go out to the woods and tell those bears, cougars, and wolves to stop killing inocent little animals."
we have canine teeth for a reason

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Hunter bashing

I am in the business of training packers and guides, but I personally don't like the hunting part; just the hiking of the beautiful Mt mountains. I do love the training for the business and am able to see much success in people who pursue it. My husband has some mounts but they stay in the basement which is his area.

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Hunter bashing

Ignorance, Ignorance,Ignorance. Most people opposed to hunting have never set foot in the mountains and if they have it was on a ski slope. They have no idea what game managment means and have never seen the cruel cycle nature uses to keep animal populations in check. I understand prefering not to hunt. It is bloody and harsh sometimes. But standing against it because it's "mean" is just ignorance. Everything and everybody will die someday. Death is natural and necessecary. As hunters we are also conservationists who care more for all species of aniamls than any bunny hugger ever dreamed. Our sport is completely invested in the survival and thriving of game species and non game species that affect the ecosystem. If I kill a rockchuck, the crows, vultures and coyotes thrive from the carcass. If I kill a deer the remaining deer will thirve from winter range left untouched. Brick Wall,)

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Hunter bashing

I am not against hunting. I love the business I am in. The actual hunting is just not my cup of tea. I understand all of what you said. and it is true. When people don't understand something a fear factor I believe sets in them and they come to wrong conclusions.

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Good Thread

I was talking about winter kill to a Wildlife Biologist this year and said something to the effect of "Mother nature is cruel". What he said was interesting, i'll try to quote to the best of my memory- "
There is no mother nature- just nature and it's parts. Nature is not cruel...it's indefferent."
I thought that was a neat way to look at it. When we talk to the antis about winter kill and disease being harsh and cruel, we might keep in mind that we (hunters) are simply another predator, not cruel or evil, but indifferent. We're part of nature.

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Hunter bashing

When it comes to the animals that I hunt I am not indifferent. I have great respect for all of them.

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hunter bashing

cru·el (krū'əl)
adj., -el·er or -el·ler, -el·est or -el·lest.
Disposed to inflict pain or suffering.
Causing suffering; painful.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin crūdēlis.]

cruelly cru'el·ly adv.
cruelness cru'el·ness n.
SYNONYMS cruel, fierce, ferocious, barbarous, inhuman, savage, vicious. These adjectives mean predisposed to inflict violence, pain, or hardship, or to find satisfaction in the suffering of others: a cruel tyrant; a fierce warrior; a ferocious attack dog; a barbarous crime; inhuman treatment of captured soldiers; a savage outburst of temper; a vicious kick.
I don't know of 1 hunter or trapper that fits this description

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