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Hunted Nevada

Diana wrote:
Speaking of tarantulas....I hunted in Utah one year, back by Mataqua, and it was overrun with tarantulas. On the way out, I stopped for one in the middle of the road. My cousin from Oregon was with me and her husband was absolutely terrified of snakes and spiders, so we decided to send it home to him as a birthday present. Did you know those things will wrap around your hand when you pick them up? Anyway, she took it home, gift wrapped it and gave it to him. I guess he didn't come home for two weeks and screamed loud enough when it crawled out of the box that the neighbours called the cops thinking someone was being murdered.

Reminds me of an old Jim Reeves song:
" She gave away her paper dolls,
And now she totes a gun.
For that's the way she likes to play;
To her she's having fun"

I'll just leave it like that, I don't want to get kicked off the form,.

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Hunted Nevada

Hi! Almost forgot about this forum. Seems when I look in, no one has been on it.

Went camping last weekend and found a great little lake to fish. Caught some nice trout and got in a few hikes. Hunting season is coming up fast!

Taking my students out for some informal target practice this weekend, see what kind of shape they are in for the hunt. Ought to be fun.

Never eaten rattlesnake. My dad swears it taste like chicken, but nothing anyone ever says that about really does.

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