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Hunt New Hampshire

Good Morning All,

Well, it's finally here. Heading up to NH this morning for the bear hunt. I'll let you know how I did when I get back. This site has been great,tremendous information. It' good to hear from other hunters from all over this great land of ours, also from beautiful Canada ( might be going on a bear hunt in Nova Scotia next fall!) and even from "across the pond!". Talk to ya' soon. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Hunt New Hampshire

Good Luck to you!
Post some photos of that 600 lber you are sure to get Thumbs up

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Just back from New Hampshire. Did not see one bear all week. I talked to the district warden in our hunting area, he said what everyone on this site has been talking about. The berries this year are everywhere. The bears are eating the natural food and walking right past the baits. I had one hit this week, looked just like a cruiser, took two out of three logs out of the bucket and ate a little and moved on.The blackberries and chokecherries are everywhere!. Most of the bushes still have berries that are not even ripe yet! Plenty of scat around-all loaded with seeds. I'm gonna try and get up one more time, we'll see what happens. Good Luck. Well, I had a message on my phone when I got home, my bear from last year is ready to be picked up. Of course, we had a great time up at camp. The food was awesome as always. I've never seen so many turkey as I have this year. The hens must have given late births this year. I saw six different hens with 3-5 young ones each.


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Hunt New Hampshire

it is very hard to hunt bears when there is plenty of food in the woods. the bears will not move until it is dark.

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