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'Hunt of a Lifetime' Possible Through Colorado Conservation

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'Hunt of a Lifetime' Possible Through Colorado Conservation Partnership

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'Hunt of a Lifetime' Possible Through Colorado Conservation

Setting aside 3600 acres in prime elk country may stir some un-easy opinion within the hunting community, but, I see this as being a great idea to incorporate younger generations into a sport which has some barriers of entry.

Although, this may be the idea that the article would like the reader to assume, but only one license per year is actually set aside for a youth between the ages of 12-15.

The DOW seems to be on the right road to incorporating more youths into the sport but might improve their out reach if they include more than one license per year.

I’m not impressed….

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'Hunt of a Lifetime' Possible Through Colorado Conservation

I agree. 3600 acres ought to be enough for at least a dozen youth hunters, probably more.

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'Hunt of a Lifetime' Possible Through Colorado Conservation

I'm not up on all the details but the RMEF is into these easements. The way it roughly works is that a private land owner (the South Valley Ranch in this case) is paid (one time or over a set of years, I'm not sure) to permanently change its status to "non-development" meaning it can't be sold, sub-divided, or developed. Basically the ranch stays as is regardless of owner to infinity and the RMEF lawyers enforce it. Thereby guarenteeing the land remains elk habitat for a long time. If this deal is like other RMEF easements it is likely this ranch is smack in the middle of winter range.

I'm not really sure why the DOW is involved, other than perhaps making the legal framework for this youth hunt.

I agree it most likely could support more than 1 youth hunt per year, but given that the ranch owner could have locked it up completely, it is still a plus.

Off topic, but luck must run in this kids family if the father has survived 5 heart attacks in the course of a summer and fall...

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