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Before the Hunt

With everyone getting ready to go into the field or has been hunting the early seasons:

What are you taking to the field: if needed could you spend a night in the woods:

I know everyone carries a GPS now, what happens if the batteries die? Or your unit dies? Are you prepared?

Are you hunting alone?

Does someone know what area you are hunting in?

Things to think about

            What stuff do you have to make it though the night?

            Can you keep yourself warm?

            If you are hunting with your child, can you keep them warm?

I ask all hunters before you go to the field to check your equipment,

Check you first-aid kit, is everything out of date? Yes they have dates on items, check you bandages do they still stick? Are your aspirin out of date? Do you carry survival kit?

When is the last time you opened it and looked inside of it?


Have you a great hunt



M. Bird

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Well, I bring extra battereis

Well, I bring extra battereis for my GPS, but I also have a good old fashioned compass.  Then, I also bring a lighter with me, in case I need to start a fire.  Not the most popular idea around here though, since 2004 when a "hunter" got lost, and started a fire during strong Santa Ana winds.  That proceeded to grow into a 250,000 acre fire, destroying 1,000 homes.  Whoops!

Anyway, I have a small first aid kit for cuts and scrapes, a topo map, and yes, I let people know where I am going.  I also have maybe 10-12 feet of rope, and a few flashlights.

Good suggestions!

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One thing that I have never

One thing that I have never carried out into the wilds is a GPS.  I figure that I got along for 30 years of hunting before they became affordable to the public so why change now. 

As far as the rest of the equipment that I pack along that is a different story.  I have listed it before and really don't see a need to relist it again but with what I have in my fanny pack and or day pack I can stay out in the boonies for at least 1 day and night and I have pushed it into 2 days and nights and came back to camp on the third day.  Now if I plan on being out a long time I will add to what I already have.  But as Vermontster said I always have my compass with me and a back up in the pack and if I am headed into a new area I'll have a map of that area with me. 

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